Tutorials 教程

We write tutorials in either E-books or hard-copies for R beginners, users, and funs.

我们为 R 初学者、用户、粉丝编写书籍。

学 R:零基础学习 R 语言

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TNT 擂台赛

学 R 一百问

Apps 应用

We develop apps for R and reproducible research.















Trainings 培训

We provide courses on R, open science, and reproducible research.

我们提供 R 语言、开放科学和可重复性研究的培训课程。

mindr: an R package for creating mind maps via markdown

R, Open Science, and Reproducible Research

R 语言支持科学研究


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Tutorial for pinyin: Installation and Quick Start

By Peng Zhao on April 6, 2019

  • What Will I Learn?
    • What the R ‘pinyin’ package can do for you
    • How to Set up the environment which ‘pinyin’ requires.
    • How to use the main functions of ‘pinyin’
  • Requirements
    • Windows/mac/Linux OS
    • R environment
    • R pinyin package
    • RStudio IDE (recommended)
  • Difficulty
    • Basic

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sinx: R fortunes in Chinese

By Peng Zhao on March 6, 2019

One of the funniest things I found when I (as a Windows user) leant Ubuntu was that there is a command fortune, which prints a random/pseudorandom message from a database of quotations. It is said that this old feature has been available since 1970s. It was a pity that this feature was unavailable in boring Windows OS, until the R community developed in 2012 a package called 'fortunes,' which displays funny messages taken from the talks or communications in the R community. It supports external database as well. Unfortunately, it does not support Chinese texts, probably because (1) the 'fortunes' package cannot read multibyte characters such as Chinese, and (2) no one contributes Chinese database of fortunes.

It is a great loss, as fortunes actually come from Chinese restaurants.

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rosr News: a Shiny GUI and RStudio addin for choosing and creating sub-projects

By Peng Zhao on January 31, 2019

'rosr' is an R package for creating reproducible academic project with integrated various academic elements, including data, bibliography, codes, images, manuscripts, dissertations, slides and so on. These elements are well connected so that they can be easily synchronized and updated. Users don't have to repeat copying and pasting their results and figures from time to time. It will be easy for the scientific researchers to use, even if they are R beginners, or even non-R-users.

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rosr: Create academic R markdown projects for open science and reproducible research

By Peng Zhao on January 28, 2019

Weeks ago, I gave a short training course at one of the top institutes in the world. The course was called 'R, Open Science and Reproducible Research', abbreviated as ROSS. It was given to the academic researchers who were interested in R and reproducible research. The R markdown family, including 'rticles', 'bookdown', 'xaringan' etc., were introduced. The audience were excited in the course. They felt, however, confused after the course by using these packages on their own work. It is not easy to connect their own work with the R Markdown ecosystem.

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