bookdownplus: an R package for writing Articles, Mails, Guitar Chords, Chemical Molecular Formulae and Equations with R bookdown

By Peng Zhao | May 9, 2017

This is a preliminary version of the introduction to bookdownplus. Please go to my Github repo bookdownplus for the latest updates. Full documentation can be found in the book R bookdownplus Textbook.


R bookdownplus is an extension of R bookdown (Xie 2016). It is a collection of multiple templates on the basis of LaTeX, which are tailored so that I can work happily under the umbrella of bookdown. R bookdownplus helps you write academic journal articles, guitar books, chemical equations, mails, calendars, and diaries.


R bookdownplus extends the features of bookdown, and simplifies the procedure. Users only have to choose a template, clarify the book title and author name, and then focus on writing the text. No need to struggle in YAML and LaTeX.

With R bookdownplus users can

  • record guitar chords,
  • write a mail in an elegant layout,
  • write a laboratory journal, or a personal diary,
  • draw a monthly or weekly or conference calendar,
  • and, of course, write academic articles in your favourite way,
  • with chemical molecular formulae and equations,
  • even in Chinese,
  • and more wonders will come soon.

Full documentation can be found in the book R bookdownplus Textbook. The webpage looks so-so, while the pdf file might give you a little surprise.

Quick start

Although this section might not be the latest version, the general idea won’t change. Please see R bookdownplus Textbook to keep up with the update.


Before starting, you have to install R, RStudio, bookdown package, and other software and packages (i.e. Pandoc, LaTeX, rmarkdown, rticle, knitr, etc.) which bookdown depends on. See the official manual of bookdown for details. Additionall, if you want to produce a poster, phython must be installed before using, and the path of phython might have to be added to the environmental variables for Windows users.



Run the following codes, and you will get some files (e.g. index.Rmd and body.Rmd) and folders in your working directory.

getwd() # this is your working directory. run setwd() to change it.

Now press ctrl+shift+b to compile it. Your will get a book file named index.pdf in _book/folder.

Write your own text in index.Rmd and body.Rmd, and build your own lovely book.

Have fun!

Still being developed. Feel free to give your feedback to me!


  • article

  • article_mdpi1

  • article_zh

  • calendar

  • chemistry

  • guitar

  • journal

  • mail

  • poem

  • thesis_classic

  • thesis_ubt

  • thesis_zju

  • yihui_demo

  • yihui_mini

  • yihui_zh


Copyright 2017 Peng Zhao.

Released under the MIT license.

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