[New Features on beginr] Automatically generate a self-contained package

Most R beginners think that developing an R package is a mission impossible. It is not true. With the new function packr() , users can create a user-defined useful R packages easily. They can specify in packr()a group of packages (e.g. foo_1, foo_2, foo_x) which they often use and the new package name, say foobar, then a new package called foobar will be generated.

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[Task Request on beginr] Documentation for each function friendly to R beginners

The documentation level of R is already much higher than average for open source software and even than some commercial packages (esp. SPSS is notorious for its attitude of "You want to do one of these things. If you don't understand what the output means, click help and we'll pop up five lines of mumbo-jumbo that you're not going to understand either.")

-- Peter Dalgaard

R-help (April 2002)

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R package beginr released on CRAN

beginr is a collection of useful functions for R beginners. It might be helpful to R experts as well.

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