[R: New Features on mindr] Support LaTeX Equations. Conversion between .R scripts and .Rmd documents

New Features The new version 1.1.7 brings more exciting features. Keep the LaTeX equations when converting markdown files into mindmaps, as a reply to specter119's comment. I used some regular expressions to extract the LaTeX codes from the markdown files, and changed them into extended mindmap syntax supported by Docear. Commit: keep LaTeX equations; re-organize the codes Figure 1. A mind map with LaTeX equations converted by mindr from a markdown file

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[R: New Features on mindr] Supports the new format of FreeMind. Displays mind maps directly. Supports bookdown projects.

In the recent months, I have received many kind feedbacks and helpful suggestions from mindr users. I did not improve or enhance mindr until the latest week. Now the new version 1.1.5 brings more exciting features.

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[Task Request] Starting layout of the mindmaps

As an R package, mindr is used to convert markdown files into mindmaps, and vice versa. It can also convert tibble dataframes into mindmaps. A brief introduction can be found in one of my previous posts: mindr: an R package that creates a markdown post out of a mind map. Thanks to the support from utopian.io!

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