[R: New Features on mindr] Support LaTeX Equations. Conversion between .R scripts and .Rmd documents

By dapeng | October 26, 2018

New Features

The new version 1.1.7 brings more exciting features.

  • Keep the LaTeX equations when converting markdown files into mindmaps, as a reply to specter119's comment.

I used some regular expressions to extract the LaTeX codes from the markdown files, and changed them into extended mindmap syntax supported by Docear.

Commit: keep LaTeX equations; re-organize the codes


Figure 1. A mind map with LaTeX equations converted by mindr from a markdown file

  • Convert .R scripts into R markdown (.Rmd) or markdown (.md) documents, and vice versa, so that users can convert .R scripts into mind maps by using mindr.

I added two functions to convert the following elements in .R scripts into R markdown documents.

  • code (.R) ---> code block (.Rmd, .md)
  • comments beginning with # ---> text body (.Rmd, .md)
  • comments beginning with markdown headings ---> headings (.Rmd, .md)

Commit: new features: conversion between .R and .md/.Rmd


Figure 2. Conversion between a .R script and a .Rmd file

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