[R: New Features on mindr] New strategy of writing R comments. Conversion between .R scripts and .mm mind maps

By Peng Zhao | November 17, 2018

Commit: convertion between .Rmd, .R. and .mm

The new version 1.1.8 mainly brings two exciting features.

  • yihui suggested that comments .R scripts can be written in a predefined strategy, which is very friendly. I improved this strategy with some modification, and added a new pair of functions, i.e. mindr::r2rmd() and mind::rmd2r(), which convert a file between .R script and .Rmd document smoothly. An example .R script is given here.

  • jiaming suggested that it would be perfect if the cycle of mindr can be complete. Hence, I added another new pair of functions, i.e. mindr::r2mm() and mindr::mm2r(), which convert a file between .R script and .mm mind maps.

The complete cycle is illustrated in the following figure. Note that the dashed lines mean that it converts only the outline of the file.

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