R package mindr: convert markdown files to mind maps, and vice versa

By Peng Zhao | May 19, 2017

This is a preliminary version of the introduction to mindr. Please go to my Github repo mindr for the latest updates.

Quick start



Convert (a) markdown file(s) into a mindmap

Create a folder named mm in the working directory (getwd()), and drop some markdown or rmarkdown files into mm/. Run:


then you will get a mm.mm file. Open it with any mind-map (brainstorm) software, and you will get a mind map.

Plenty of cross-platform and online mindmap software suits are available (see the list), among which freemind and Xmind are highly recommended.

Convcert (a) mind map(s) into a markdown file

Drop some mindmap files (.mm) into mm/. Run:


then you will get a mm.md markdown file.

Extract the outline from (a) markdown files

Drop some markdown or rmarkdown files into mm/. Run:


then you will get an outline.md file with headers in it as an outline.

Have fun!

Still being developed. Feel free to give your feedback to me!


  • Mindmap of my book Learning R


Copyright 2017 Peng Zhao.

Released under the MIT license.

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