[R: New Features on mindr] Supports the new format of FreeMind. Displays mind maps directly. Supports bookdown projects.

By Peng Zhao | October 11, 2018

In the recent months, I have received many kind feedbacks and helpful suggestions from mindr users. I did not improve or enhance mindr until the latest week. Now the new version 1.1.5 brings more exciting features.

  • Create mind maps out of a directory.

I added a new function dir2() to create a mind map out of a directory in the user's computer.

Commit: compitable with both the old and new versions of mindmaps. new function

  • Support the new format of FreeMind mind maps.

The new format of FreeMind mind maps uses />rather than </node> as the ending of a node. I added the compatibility for both the old and the new.

Commit: compitable with both the old and new versions of mindmaps

I added a new parameter to the function markmap(input = c('.md', '.mm')). Now it can display not only markdown files, but also FreeMind mind maps in a markmap widge.

commit: display .mm files directly

I added a new paramter pattern to the funcrtion md2mm, by which the uses can decide what files to import. By default, the '.md' and '.Rmd' files are imported.

Commit: file filter

I added a parameter 'bookdown_style' to the function md2mm. If the user choose the bookdown style, then mindr will put 'index.Rmd' before all the rest files, and lower the levels of the chapter headings if there is # (Part), # (APPENDIX) or # Reference. The identification of chapter headings were improved as well.

Commit: enchance the support for bookdown project

A mind map produced from the bookdown project the Blogdown Book is as follows.


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