[New Features on steemr] supports AppBase API and plots active hour diagrams!

By Peng Zhao | June 20, 2018

  • I have submitted steemr to CRAN and now it is available. Users can install steemr directly from CRAN:
  • Users can use method = 'appbase_api' to download Steem data from AppBase API:
  • A new powerful function hourrose() was added to plot a diagram of an ID's active hours in a day based on the post or comment time.
  hourrose(my_df = posts, col_time = 'created')

This 24-hour clock shows the active hours of an ID. Users can even choose whether to display another parameter, such as vote number on these posts. Here is a screenshot of plotting such a image in RStudio IDE.


More feature of this function can be found in the help documentation:

  • Although SteemData is gone, I still added the query method from steemdata.com. I wish SteemData could come back some day. I love it.
  • The documentation has been improved.
  • Some minor literal chagnes.

How did I implement them?

I added the AppBase API option to the id_info() function and post_id() function with the support from ' kharoof/steemR' repo.

I added the queries for SteemData with the R mongolite package and added the options that users can choose the server.

I added a new function hourrose() originated from a windrose plotting method but tailored for Steem data.


All these changes can be found in 'R/steemr.R'.

Links to relevant lines in the code on GitHub can be found mainly in my latest commits:

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