rmd: Easily Install, Load and Explore the R Markdown Family

By Peng Zhao | January 26, 2019

Since 'rmarkdown' and 'knitr', more and more members (rticles, bookdown, mindr...) have been joining the R Markdown family. Users can write elegant reproducible documents, manuscripts, dissertations, books, blog posts, posters, and slides within the framework of R markdown. It is exciting, while the installation and maintenance becomes annoying. In the meanwhile, there are plenty of useful RStudio addins, which equip the RStudio IDE as a powerful markdown editor. However, these little tools are often hidden somewhere deep in the community, and it is difficult to dig them out.

With 'rmd' you can easily explore, install, and load them for both R users and non-users. Furthermore, 'rmd' provides a RStudio addin to explore the R Markdown family and install them with a single click.

Forget R, and enjoy the wonderful world of R Markdown.

Current features

  • Load multiple functions with one command

When 'rmd' is loaded, multiple useful markdown packages are loaded. Uses can directly write all kinds of documents with them.

>> Loading required package: rmd
>> -- Attaching packages --------------------------------------------- rmd 0.1.3 --
>> √ rmarkdown    1.11.2     √ tinytex      0.9   
>> √ knitr        1.21       √ xaringan     0.8   
>> √ bookdown     0.9        √ citr         0.2.0 
>> √ blogdown     0.10       √ mindr        1.1.10
>> √ rticles      0.6        √ bookdownplus 1.5.4 
  • 'rmd' provides four main functions currently.

    • rmd_conflicts(): check the conflicts of the functions in 'rmd' and other loaded packages.

    • rmd_deps(): list all the 'rmd' dependencies.

    • rmd_packages(): list all packages in 'rmd'.

    • rmd_update(): check to see if all rmd packages (and optionally, their dependencies) are up-to-date, and will install after an interactive confirmation.

  • 'rmd' provides an RStudio addin. Click the 'Addins' button on the tool bar and find 'R Markdown Family' under 'RMD'. A table of suggested R markdown packages will pop out. A package in a green row has already been installed. Click a row to install or remove the package.

List of R markdown family members

If you made a useful package for the R markdown family, feel free to make a pull request on GitHub to add it to the list.

Package Date Added Description On CRAN? Author More links Notes
beautifyR 2019-01-26 RStudio addin for formatting Rmarkdown tables :x: Matthias Weigand Demo GIF
blogdown 2019-01-26 Create Blogs and Websites with R Markdown :white_check_mark: Yihui Xie et al. Doc
bookdown 2019-01-26 Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown :white_check_mark: Yihui Xie et al. Doc
bookdownplus 2019-01-26 The shortcut to the R package bookdown for writing varied types of books and documents :white_check_mark: Peng Zhao Gallery
caseconverter 2019-01-26 Convert text cases to lower, upper, snake, camel cases :x: strboul Demo GIF
citr 2019-01-26 Search a BibTeX-file and insert formatted Markdown citations :white_check_mark: Frederik Aust Demo gif
drposter 2019-01-26 Generate Academic Posters in R Markdown and CSS, inspired by 'reveal.js' :x: Ben Bucior Demo pdf
insertImage 2019-01-26 Insert image into R Markdown with file chooser. Copy image file to project. :x: Ludvig R Olsen
inserttable 2019-01-26 RStudio add-in facilitating insertion of nicely formatted tables in R markdown documents or plain R scripts. :x: Lorenzo Busetto Blog Post
knitr 2019-01-26 A general-purpose tool for dynamic report generation in R :white_check_mark: Yihui Xie et al. Blog Post
mindr 2019-01-26 Convert markdown files (.md, .Rmd) into mindmaps (brainstorms) :white_check_mark: Peng Zhao Slides
pagedown 2019-01-26 Paginate the HTML Output of R Markdown with CSS for Print :white_check_mark: Yihui Xie et al. Doc
regexplain 2019-01-26 Interactive regular expression utility belt :x: Garrick Aden-Buie Demo gifs
remedy 2019-01-26 RStudio Addins to Simplify Markdown Writing :x: ThinkR How it works
rmarkdown 2019-01-26 Dynamic Documents for R :white_check_mark: JJ Allaire et al. Website
rmd 2019-01-26 Easily Installs and Loads the R Markdown Family :white_check_mark: Peng Zhao
rosr 2019-01-26 Create academic R markdown projects for open science and reproducible research :x: Peng Zhao
RStudioConsoleRender 2019-01-26 Render an R Markdown document in the global environment :x: Jeff Johnston Blog post
rticles 2019-01-26 LaTeX Journal Article Templates for R Markdown :white_check_mark: JJ Allaire et al.
splitChunk 2019-01-26 Split code chunk in R Markdown :x: Ludvig R Olsen
strcode 2019-01-26 Insert code block separators and section titles :x: Lorenz Walthert Demo GIF
tinytex 2019-01-26 A lightweight, cross-platform, portable, and easy-to-maintain LaTeX distribution based on TeX Live :white_check_mark: Yihui Xie et al. Blog post
uniscape 2019-01-26 Convert non-ASCII strings to a portable format :x: Mikko Korpela Screenshot
wellspell.addin 2019-01-26 Quick spellcheck with hunspell :x: Clemens Schmid
wordcountaddin 2019-01-26 Count non-code words in Rmd documents :x: Ben Marwick Screenshot
WrapRmd 2019-01-26 Wrap selected R Markdown text but don't insert lines breaks into inline R code :x: TJ Mahr
xaringan 2019-01-26 Create HTML5 slides with R Markdown and the JavaScript library 'remark.js' :white_check_mark: Yihui Xie et al. Slides


The main structure of 'rmd' is more or less done. In the future, two things will be maintained.

  1. Keep an eye on useful R markdown packages and add the new ones into the R markdown family.
  2. Collect nice tools and maintain the addin list.
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