[New Features on steemr] Functions as vote reports!

By Peng Zhao | June 27, 2018

'steemr' is an open source R package for playing with Steem data in R environment. It is used to download, post process, analyze, and visualize Steem data on the basis of the powerful statistic power of R.

What features did I add?

  • Following the suggestions from the utopian moderator, default values of the parameters were removed from the functions, and

  • the database URI for SteemSQL was defined in an independent function steemsql_connection(). Many thanks to the moderator!

  • New functions about the vote information were added, including

    • who_not_vote(), which shows which followers have not voted a post yet,
    • voter(), which gives a vote report of given IDs with all the vote records, a summary, as well as a time series plot of daily votes, and


A diagram produced by voter() .

  • voter_sum(), which give a report of the voters of a series of posts with a summary and a pie diagram.


A pie diagram produced by voter_sum().

  • Some minor literal changes.

How did I implement them?

I added these new functions in 'R/steemr.r'. For easy maintenance, the hourrose()function was moved into a single 'R/hourrose.r' file.


A screenshot showing that I was writing the functions with the RStudio IDE.

Links to relevant lines in the code on GitHub can be found mainly in my latest commits as follows:

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